Laser Hair Removal


• Avoid direct sun exposure because it increases risks of side effects like skin lightening. If you already have a tan (either naturally or from tanning products), wait until the tan fades before having laser hair removal.

• Discontinue plucking, waxing, and electrolysis hair removal methods. These methods remove the hair shaft, leaving nothing for the laser light to target and renders the laser hair removal procedure ineffective.

• Patients may continue shaving, because it preserves the hair follicle. Shaving before treatment is actually recommended, as hair above the surface of the skin can absorb energy from the laser and increase risk of burns.

Keep in mind that the results of laser hair removal vary. Patients with a light complexion and dark, coarse hair tend to have a better success rate with most lasers on the market. Multiple treatments are often necessary. For maximum effectiveness, treatments should be scheduled between three to eight weeks apart, depending on the treatment area and the length of the hair cycle.

After your laser hair removal treatment:

  • Avoid all sun exposure to the treated area.
  • Apply cool packs or aloe vera to sooth the area as needed.
  • Avoid hot water or baths immediately after the treatments.
  • If a crust developes on the the top of the treated area, apply Vaseline or Aquafor ointment frequently until the area has healed. Avoid picking the area.
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