Laser Hair Removal


Our state-of-the-art LightSheer™ diode laser hair removal system made by Lumenis™, leader in laser and light treatment, is as good as it gets. This system designed specifically for permanent hair removal has become the most popular device worldwide.

If you are weary from all the tweezing, waxing, and shaving to remove unsightly or unwanted hair, an option available may be Laser Hair Removal.

This procedure has become very common for hair removal, and involves the use of concentrated light being targeted into hair follicles, thus destroying the hair. 

The process of Laser Hair Removal can be useful for removing hair from the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line and other areas.  Laser Hair Removal is efficient and will not affect surrounding skin. 

Taking less than a second, the laser pulse can treat an area 1 inch in diameter, each second. Upper Lip Hair Removal can be accomplished in less than a minute, while back or leg hair removal could take up to an hour.  Most patients will see permanent hair loss after just three to five sessions.

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal requires a few steps.  Avoid plucking, electrolysis and waxing for at least six weeks before treatment.  Limit sun exposure for six weeks before and after your treatment; and then finally seek the services of a credentialed doctor or technician. 

During the treatment, your hair receiving the treatment will be trimmed and adjustments will be made to the laser equipment to accommodate color, thickness and hair location, as well as skin color.  You will wear protective eye wear, and the Hair Removal professional will apply a gel or cooling agent to the skin’s outer layers.

Usually the technician will test the area with laser pulses to determine if there will be any adverse reactions to the laser.   Upon completion of the initial treatment, you will be provided with lotion and/or cold water to help with any discomfort.   You will continue to receive these treatments until the involved hair ceases to grow.

For a day or so after the treatment, the laser treated portion of your skin may feel or appear to be sunburned.  Use a cool compress to ease any burning sensation.  You can usually begin wearing makeup within 2 days, unless blistering has occurred.   Blistering is unusually rare, but may appear in people with dark complexions.  Other potential side effects of Laser Hair Removal may include redness, swelling or in very rare situations scarring.  Be sure to wear sunscreen over the next 30 days to minimize any temporary change in skin color of the treated area. 


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