DYSPORT® is a botulinum toxin protein that can be used to relax certain facial muscles and lines resulting in a softer, happier and more youthful look. Dysport is a simple, effective, non-surgical treatment that works by relaxing facial muscles, thereby reducing and smoothing away frown-lines and other wrinkles.

Dysport is supported by over a decade of clinical experience. In New Zealand, Dysport has been used for over 12 years, by eye specialists and neurologists, to treat nervous tics and muscle spasms of the face and neck.

This treatment can be used alone or with laser and/or filler treatments to produce fantastic results!

Benefits of Dysport

Quick, safe effective treatment for frown lines and wrinkles

  • Works within a few days
  • No down time
  • Can be done as a ‘lunchtime procedure’.


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